How to calculate moving expenses
How   floor height and moving costs;

the floor height is a basis for moving companies calculate moving expenses

If live to and destination residence belongs to building of first layer or bungalow, is not added received floors aspects of costs of .  If live to and the destination residence in building of second layer above (containing second layer) or basement, charges time two species situation: If floor within has elevator can for moved Shi using, is not recycling floors costs; if no elevator, is by each layer floor about 10 Yuan recycling moved costs, according to around moved company different charges different.

move what is the relationship between distance and cost

move and take a taxi, as is the baseline distance and extra distance increases the mass move the phone. In three ways:

a distance, vehicle. This distance refers to the original residence moved to Hangzhou massage, distances between destinations. Baseline distance of 15 km, if it does not exceed does not cost extra. More than 15 kilometers, generally moving companies plus 4 Yuan per km.

Second, manual handling in the distance. This distance refers to the distance between floor parking. Remote handling is very hard to Porter, so have to charge fees. Base distance is 20 meters, 20 meters without charge. More than 20 meters, plus 1 handling fee per metre. In General, if the vehicle is parked in front of the building, transportation distance is no more than 20 meters, there will be no fee increases.

third, remote handling. Remote handling increases the vehicle's driving distance and time taken to move, so be extra costs. Their standard is every going to one place, plus 50--100 per month, according to local moving company charges.

Nanchang moving services market price (the price is for reference only price as a standard)

  This charge to train and the moving company to the standard

  moved out of place and moved into the actual distances in XV kilometers:

 , cottage (first floor) moved into the bungalows (first floor) starting at: institutions, groups of 200 Yuan, resident 150 Yuan.

  more than two, on the second floor of the building (second floor), next layer added to every 10 Yuan (including the basement) and 10 floors of the building has an elevator (10) plus 10 and 11? 20 plus 20 Yuan, and so on.

  third, the high-end imported furniture its value at the time of more than 8000, plus cost of 50?300 yuan (containing other valuables such as fragile, vulnerable).

  four, computer, copier, safe (height of 80 centimeter), high-end audio, large-screen TVs (29-inch and above) per computer, more than 200 litres fridge (set) plus 50 Yuan.

  five, handling the piano model 115 below, starting at 180; model 118-125 is 200 Yuan starting price; more than 130 to 250 Yuan starting price, costs calculation of floors.

  six, when moving out of place and moved into place when the actual distance over 15 km, each one plus 4 km.

  seven, when the vehicle is unable to dock in place manual handling of goods from more than 10 meters, plus one per meter.

  eight, caused by client side of vehicle and handling personnel do not work when delayed work, add delay charge calculated at 80 yuan per hour (vehicle in place 20 minutes after the start, less than an hour to an hour).

 , vehicle in place, the customer for some reason when you cancel a car, idle running costs 100 Yuan charge per car.

  10, 7:00, previously, after 5:00 customer cars, plus 30 night train services.

  11, load and unload cargo on the way to charge 50 Yuan each.

  12, parking fees, transit fees borne by the customer.

  13, should be asked to subscribe to the truck, TRIPS plus 30 yuan each.

  70% shipping 14, long in advance.

  15, only employing industries, 50 Yuan per person, per hour.

  16, large freezer, height 80 cm above the safe, weighing 250 kg, according to intensity, floors high and low pay is negotiable.

  17, without providing other professional assignments and unconventional operations.  

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