Moving formaldehyde no longer worry about
The arrival of summer, many customers in our Royal Flush moving company moved into the renovated with the help of a new home, said goodbye to the old houses and narrow, stuffy living moving logistics. It must be said that is a super happy things. However, in the new home is not without troubles?

moving into a new home, your new comfortable to live here? Often feel that waking up choking, nausea or dizziness? They don't smoke or minimal-contact smoking environment, can still find throat discomfort, breathing disorders also have a foreign body sensation?

moving into a new home, your new comfortable to live here? Family regularly prone to illnesses such as colds or often skin allergy? Have constant coughing, sneezing, loss of immunity? And when you leave this environment, the symptoms have significantly changed and improved?

moving into a new home, your favorite herbs in new House OK? There is no yellowing of the leaf easy or withering up? Even is home to what may be called a strong vitality herbs also have "malnutrition" Symptoms? Pet cats and dogs there is no slouch, even inexplicable "walk" it?

If you live in the new House are found above, can pull up alert! Never think that waking up choking, nausea, just because they are too hungry, don't think his throat discomfort must be weather or cold warning make the medicine, more recently don't think family prone to colds and sneeze caused by moving too tired Oh! New furniture and decoration of the room, toxic gases may also exist in the short term and high concentrations of Oh!

in fact, professionals remind: with the arrival of summer, the weather is getting hot, new home to formaldehyde emission of harmful gases in follow up of benign prostatic hyperplasia. More experiments tell us that every one degree Celsius increase in temperature, wooden furniture and wood floors, make formaldehyde the formaldehyde concentration in the air increased by between 0.15 and 0.37 times times. Scary, huh?

However, do not be afraid! Decoration pollution reduction is more dangerous tricks also moved many Shanghai price. Plant some flowers can afford to deal with the effects of formaldehyde! These are specially selected to give us flowers and plants you see Oh!

Tiger Blue: Tiger Orchid and pure green in two Phnom Penh, to adsorb toxins, purifying the air Phnom Penh, Tiger Orchid average 24 hour per leaf can absorb 30 milligrams of formaldehyde, if in a 30 square metres of room 6 Phnom Penh, Tiger Orchid pots, indoor formaldehyde disappear within 5 days. Pure Green Tiger Orchid each around 20 Yuan, slightly more expensive in Phnom Penh about one-third to one-second.

spider plant: spider plants in many toxic substances of plants, efficiency in the first place. In General, a pot of Chlorophytum 96% can absorb in one cubic meter of air for carbon monoxide and 86% formaldehyde, also breaks down from photocopier emissions such as benzene, which cannot be substituted by other plants. Especially the spider plant, under the Dim light, photosynthesis, absorbing toxic gas. Especially the spider plants shade, more suitable for indoor places. By contrast, Aloe need a better placed in a bright place, to play to their maximum effect. According to the test, one can absorb about one cubic meter of Aloe 90% formaldehyde in the air. ”

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