Moving to choose a good day
House moving company moving in Beijing is a very normal thing, honestly moving companies in Shanghai. I was afraid to move, but there is no way, for rent house demolition. Since moving to find the right time, heard that move will not affect   and working!

this colleague Wang you want to move, everyone rushes to tell her a lot of the stress of moving moving companies in Shanghai. I have moved many times, but never know what about, has never done things by the rules. So I was curious to hear the mass to move the phone.

chenjie says "be sure to look at the Almanac, election day, or else live in shit. ”

Li said "move now, before dawn began to move, mean move more brighter, the road will in the future is getting brighter. ”

Wang's eyes widened and I. See our two year old child-like ignorance, the more they talked, the more harder.

Zhang said "moving day to host their own ahead of the fiscal-meter oil and salt into the House, this means fiscal meter home, had to use a broom to sweep into the room when the door three times, Saul said, fiscal move towards fiscal walking. ”

candy more newbie, "money meter oil Salt after 12 o'clock, which is sent to new homes in the Middle, without touching on the way people met or greeting, otherwise you take money to others. ”

we coaxed a loud laugh, my King and look left, look right, to determine if they're to happy with our ignorance.

chenjie sees admitted to laughing said to us: "pay attention to this, but I wouldn't go at midnight, just make the best point, such that live in smooth, would make a fortune. ”

I don't believe it: "I was moved several times, never knowing the rules, and no one told me, I came. I remember once it is dinner time to move, so that is as moving as possible dark, but seems to have no problem. ”

"what do you think, those years do you have to go? Is crossed, please? You come to for such a long time, seen the afternoon moved it? "Chenjie cajoling me.

think carefully, Yes, seemed to have trouble in those years, as others in the morning or in the afternoon moved, I didn't notice it.

chenjie went on to say: "I really believe that these, and we moved a few times, every day before dawn to move out, you look at me, not over the more OK? ”

that is, chenjie died more than 10 years ago after her husband moved out to do business, business got better, then marries another husband, is now the scenery, this is not, as my boss.

  heard, felt and white live for dozens of years. Tang Li, even these more than 20 year old man knows a thing, how I never knew about? My mother never told me, must have she don't know. Friends and no one told me, maybe friends think it is common sense that everyone knows, did not know that there are people like me. However, is it true? Letter must OK? Remember those you've been very prosperous family business, a lot of home and shop for a goddess or God, is it because they believe they will get rich?

move do you really have to pay attention to so many? I think about it, actually moved a few times, and each time after moving some so bad place, today is to find out why, hehe ~ ~ may sometimes pay attention a lot better.

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