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Air conditioning repair

Air conditioning repair

First, preparations

1. At least two people or two or more persons (skilled refrigeration mechanic, plus a Deputy);

2. Refrigeration repair tool set, as well as indoor and outdoor machine fixed with anchors and other materials;

3. Seat belts a pair.


1, power on (cooling, winter pulled out four-way valve wires);

2, boot in 5 minutes, closed tube valve;

3, 10 seconds later, the closed tube valve;

4, unscrew the brass nut;

5, remove the wire;

6, the valve with electrical tape at the door seal;

7, copper pipe with electrical tape and sealing;

8, remove the machine, remove the nut and brass;

9, use electrical tape to copper tube seal;

10, remove the connection wire

11, copper pipe be careful OK;

12, remove the machine panels;

13, pines away and the fixing screws of the frame;

14, remove the outside unit;

15, remove the external frame;

installed capacity:

1, open the wall holes;

2, installed outside the machine;

3, loaded in the machine hangs;

4, copper pipe and copper tube connections;

5, join in the circuit;

6, wrap the copper tube and wire;

7, wound copper tubes;

8, through wall hole;

9, fixation of the machine to the rack;

10, copper tube with outer joins, it tube nuts, do not tighten, needs exhaust air;

11, joined outside the circuit;

tube of main-12, opening the valve (exhaust air), for ten seconds, tighten the tube nut;

13, open the capillary valve;

14, boot;

15, ten minutes later, detected low pressure limits, if the pressure is low, require fluoride supplementation;

16, leak;

17, cover the outdoor unit copper pipe, wire;

18, clean the Interior health;

19, finished.

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