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Wall air conditioner how to transfer machine

Wall air conditioner how to transfer machine

Teardown steps:  

1.   Recovery of refrigerant     whether it is winter, or summer transfer machine, you must collect the refrigerant in the air conditioner outdoor unit. Split machine Qian should started empty apoptosis device, available remote control set refrigeration State, stay compressor running 5-10 minutes, refrigeration State normal Hou, with wrench twist Xia outside machine of liquid tube and gas tube interface Shang of insurance CAP, close high pressure tube (fine) of as valve, l minutes Hou tube appearance knot dew, immediately close low voltage tube (rough) as valve, with of quickly shut machine, pulled Xia power plug, with wrench twist tight insurance CAP, now recycling refrigeration agent work completed. (If it is winter, first with a warm towel to cover the temperature sensor of the indoor unit, and then controls cold setting on. ) &Nbsp;  or push start button on the indoor unit to boot, with indoor and outdoor observation of whether there were other failures. Avoid trouble after moving the machine.

2.   Split indoor unit  

   refrigerant recycle, removable interior. Using a wrench lock to open the indoor units connected, with sodium prepared sealed Rotary well protect indoor unit connector threads to prevent chipped in the handling connection threads; then the cross removed the line of control. Should also be marked to avoid faulty connection at installation time. If the signal lines or power lines connected to the wrong, will cause the outside unit is not running, or the machine is not under control. Hanging plate is generally fixed more firmly, more difficult to unload; discharging remove the hanging plates, cement and then patted, correction on plane.

3.   Split outdoor unit  

   split outdoor unit shall be guaranteed by the professional refrigeration mechanic safe case removal. Connection lock twist away his mother, sodium prepared sealed Rotary good designer out connector threads. Use wrench loosen the outer foot fixing screw. Demolished and then put down the outdoor machine, better to use a rope to hang, dump and should pay attention to balance, to avoid vibration, bump, and attention to safety.   

   should slowly stroking straight outdoor air conditioner takes over, prepared four plugs seal the four ports connecting tube to prevent dust and water from entering the air. On the plug well, then tied with plastic bags, good for easy handling.


   determined in accordance with these principles, the external position, immediately installed in the machine hangs, stay outside the machine and the machine hangs after installing firm, then smoothed the straight pipe, see if the pipe is bent flat, followed by Bell is cracked at both ends should be checked, if cracks should be flared again, otherwise it will leak and fluorine. Finally, check the control line for short circuit, open circuit, after you determine the line, the line of control, good outlet, connecting them banding together and sealed well. Over the wall when two people inside a wall, fit on the slow wearing out, avoid injury; connect the pipes with internal and external units, and connect the control line.

Next, exclude air from the pipe and machine. Method is this:

(1)   connector tighten connect the outdoor unit (small), with a special wrench loosen the globe around the stem of the valve 1  

(2)   heard outside the machine connector (rough) creak,30  seconds, with sheet metal hand tight (rough) joint  

(3)   release (rough)   tube check valve on the stem;

(4)   total release (small) Globe valve on the pipe stem. The end of the emptying of the apoptosis of temporal and spatial.  

Finally, the detergent leak, observing each connector has no bubbles emerge, once after the system is leak-free, screw the valve protecting CAP, try to boot to run

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